Customer 1

“We received the Mutschler hone machine in February 2012. From day one I have been very happy with fit, finish and service. Anybody associated with the honing of sharp edges knows that it is a very tricky process. Before we did it by hand which was a very inefficient method resulting in variances and performance problems. Since the Mutschler has been installed all those problems have gone away. It is a perfect symmetrical waterfall hone. We have not had a single rejection since. Hone sizes are consistent within .005um. Additionally it is very basic to run. I trained all 3 operators in 30 minutes. It is very simple to make changes or change to a different program. This ease of operation has allowed us to run hones 24 hours a day. Before due to the sensitivity of a hand grind we only ran them on 1st shift. So our production has doubled since we introduced the Mutschler.
Last and most importantly is the service MET provides. I have been in the cutting tool industry for 18+ years. I have never seen any vendor be as willing to help as MET has been. Their customer service is second to none. If you do have a problem they go above and beyond what I expect. They really care what you think and want feedback. MET is not there to sell you the machine and then turn their back on you like a lot of companies do. Did I mention that the machine is AMERICAN OWNED AND BUILT? If you’re in need of an edge prep machine I would highly suggest you give MET a call to help you out.”

Customer 2

“As you are aware, we have always edge prepped our tools by hand. MOST of the time, we were able to “get by”. However, our ability to stay consistent or to make special hones was always difficult. Our tools now have very consistent hones, resulting in a higher quality, better performing tool for our customers. We used to have one individual that was really good, and another operator that could “get by”. Now, even if a new tool needs edge prepped and there is not a program, we have several others that have been trained to operate and program the machine. Your service / support has been the style in which we use with our customers – service, service, service, support, call, etc; You folks have been a pleasure to work with. What used to be a dreaded task for our operators, has now become an integral process and the work now flows flawlessly. Thanks to Mutschler folks for the great machine and service!”

Customer 3

“Here’s an update on the performance of the MET 2 Edge Prep machine thus far. After getting our programming squared away for the different drill types, the repeatability and consistency far exceeds anything we’ve had previously, including the mystery box we had been leasing, which we were forbidden to see inside of, much less make any adjustments to. The flexibility and open environment the Met 2 machine operates in, allow our technicians to make the necessary adjustments to really refine our honing process and nail the size and shape of our edge prep time after time. It also allows us to make subtle changes to programs to compensate for changes in the brush characteristics as it progresses through its wear life cycle. Furthermore, the ability to stack several programs into one and use multiple brushes and wheel angles is the only way we’ve found to give us the results we need on the more complex Kennametal helical points we do. It is also the only automatic machine we’ve found that is capable of honing the large KSEM’s over 1.00” with the long cutting lip and large hone size they require, in one pass.”

“Thanks to you and your programmers ability to take our input and convert it into the linear motion necessary, we now have the machine we need to do the job right. It’s changed the honing process in our facility from a labor intensive, monotonous task, to a job that is one of the easiest in the shop. It can now been be done by our grinding technicians as a secondary task while they are operating the CNC grinders. We look forward to getting a Met 4 with its enhanced capabilities in here in the near future to see what other things we can improve on in our day to day operations.”