The Tool Orbiter is designed to rotate cutting tools in 3D space quickly and effortlessly providing positioning for measuring edge prep, margin width, chisel angle, cutting edge relief, diameters, back taper, etc. The Tool Orbiter is extremely useful for photographic positioning of hard to capture shots.

The main roller clamping assembly and base are USA manufactured. The rollers are case hardened to withstand years of use and precisely held in ball bearings providing effortless tool rotation. The backstop mechanism uses a rotate knob for quick tool length adjustment. The spring loaded tool clamp has a rotate knob to quickly rotate between cutting edges. When measuring with high end vision systems, rotation of the tool by hand in standard V block configuration fixtures offered, results in a back and forth fight to line the cutting edge back in place. The Tool Orbiter ensures quick, effortless rotational positioning of the tool cutting edges.     

The Tool Orbiter-38FT has a load capacity of (55lbs / 24kg)

The Austrian manufactured FLM ball head used between the tool holder and base is simple, elegant and traditional in appearance with a two-tone finish and features a large easy-grip knob for ball control, and an additional control knob for friction control. In addition, the head features a calibrated panning base, with a independent panning lock.

This version also features the PTF™ (Patented Tilt Function). This means when operating the tilting function, the ball can only be rotated around its center axis. The ball joint is now locked and will only provide 2-D tilting operation.

The Tool Orbiter comes with an optional V groove holder to be used with Accu-Tool and Accu-Edge measuring systems.

The version above comes with a precision X-Y slide adjustment to help reduce the inordinate amount of time it takes to position your tool under all microscopes.

The quick and efficient tool positioning control the X-Y Tool Orbiter offers, is well worth the time spent using current market options.